Lump sum projects

We are dealing for the long term.

This is the most common form for building a project in Quebec. montarville. bids on plans and quotes prepared by customers and professionals with the same attention to detail as our other services offered.


Being the lowest and compliant bidder, a project entrusted to montarville. assures you of the quality, speed and service you expect from a firm:

  • control the quality of the project, respect budgets and schedules
  • benefit from the experience of a specialist, capable of proposing solutions in real time in order to adapt the project in the event of unforeseen circumstances
  • secure the project by coordinating and constantly monitoring the authorizations of the participants and the work they do

Our close collaboration with the client allows us to remain attentive to their expectations and offer the best service while controlling the allocated budget. The creation of a bond of trust with our clients is essential. Many of our client relationships started as part of an lump sum project and resulted in new projects in project management mode for their future needs.