Management projects

Secure your project by leaving montarville. orchestrate the entire operation.

Our involvement in a management project can occur at different stages of the project. It is a complete management service which can include, depending on your needs, pre-project, project management and/or construction management services.



solid planning that suits you

Pre-project services are important for clients thinking about undertaking a major project. montarville. can assist you in your approach by carrying out either a pre-project feasibility study, or the establishment of a work budget and/or to establish more refined budgets during the design of plans and specifications by your professionals.

  • Pre-project feasibility study
  • Budgeting preliminary to high-level budgets
  • Personalized adaptation of budgets during the design of plans and specifications

Project management

the partner of choice for flawless project management

Acting as the exclusive representative of the client, montarville. provides the services of constructability studies, budgeting, strategic planning, establishment of a master schedule, consultation on the choice of contractors, complete management of the project team which includes the professionals, establishing clear accountability guidelines. montarville. controls, coordinates, directs and plans all aspects of your project.

  • Carrying out a complete buildability study and launching calls for tenders and advising on the choice of contractors
  • Determination of the role and responsibilities of each stakeholder in the project and coordination of all the professionals involved, limiting the gray areas
  • Carrying out a preliminary cost study, drawing up a realistic and achievable budget
  • Development of a master schedule and planning of each aspect and stage of the project

We manage your project with all the rigor necessary to guarantee its smooth progress. We also orchestrate every detail and control each parameter, making sure to respect an optimal balance between quality, costs and deadlines. Our expertise in the field allows us to control, coordinate, direct and plan all aspects of your project, without incident.

Construction management

complete control of all aspects of the project

Construction management is not a cost-plus. It is a complete construction management service for a project to which the manager is the client’s sole representative. montarville. can join your project team at any time to benefit from the experience of the construction team. We establish the realistic schedule, analyze value in order to choose the best construction methods at the best price, an assembly of a list of reliable and experienced subcontractors, a study on the best delivery methods (by lot, traditional).

  • Validation of the schedule developed during the project management phase and control, before signature, of all documents and contracts related to the project
  • Comparison of different construction options and selection of optimal solutions taking into account the quality / price ratio
  • Establishment of a reliable contractor list with solid experience and reputation. Control of their references, warranty and subcontracts
  • Coordination of stakeholders, organization and management of meetings, establishment of control points for the progress of works (report at each worksite meeting)

By mastering all aspects of your project, we secure the smooth running of construction-related activities.